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Reliable Network Backup for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Business

Having a high-performance network with the latest security applications is not enough to protect your business from damaging outages. You need a backup plan—a redundant system and a network backup that allows you access to your network and data in the event of primary system failure. Ardham Technologies offers backup maintenance as part of our menu of managed IT services to keep your business up and running.

Multi-Level Backup Maintenance

Effective network backup requires hardware redundancy to prevent outages and data loss as well as software backup for system recovery. Ardham Technologies can provide both.

Our IT professionals have the networking expertise to design a network infrastructure that provides the redundancy, network security and efficiency your business needs. We also provide a number of options for improving the resiliency of your existing network.

Worry-Free Backup Maintenance

When you choose Ardham Technologies for your managed IT services, you get the peace of mind that comes with network management that includes vigilant network backup. The software we use for our clients automatically backs up all data multiple times a day. Our clients can choose where their backup data is stored—either on Ardham Technologies’ network or with one of our cloud services partners like StorageCraft or APC.

Contact Ardham Technologies to take advantage of cost-effective managed IT services that include worry-free backup maintenance.

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