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Computer Updates & Patch Manager Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Software maintenance does not end with application installation. Developers continually release updates to address potential security vulnerabilities and performance bugs. To ensure your systems have the latest protections and performance capabilities, Ardham Technologies offers patch manager services as part of our managed IT services menu.

Why You Need a Patch Manager

Computer updates are necessary to provide the highest level of system performance and network security. However, the availability of a computer update does not guarantee its compatibility with your system. Installing computer updates without researching potential issues can result in “blue screens” or otherwise crippling your network performance.

A patch manager takes on the challenge of researching computer updates to ensure that installation will not negatively affect operation. The patch managers at Ardham Technologies speak the language of computer updates, allowing us to easily work with your hardware and software vendors to assess compatibility. Once we verify the computer update’s compatibility, our patch manager will proceed with the installation, providing your system with the latest protection and capability.

Computer Updates Covered by Ardham Patch Managers

When you choose Ardham Technologies for your managed IT services, nearly all applications you run on your system—from your operating systems to commercial industry software—are covered by our patch managers. (While we do not perform computer updates for custom-designed software, our patch managers can assist your IT department with assessing compatibility issues when patches become available.)

Our patch managers typically perform computer updates one day each week to keep every device and your entire network protected, backed up and operating at peak performance.

Contact Ardham Technologies for worry-free network management that includes patch management services.

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