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Network Storage

Storing data from several computers can seem challenging and confusing. However, Ardham Technologies in Albuquerque, NM can help. We can set up your Virtual Private Network and create a network-attached storage device.

What is a Network-Attached Storage Device?

A network-attached storage device is a self-contained computer device that functions as a server for your files and provides backup storage for several computers over a small private network. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC, the data can be accessed remotely. Ardham Technologies provides state-of-the-art network storage so your company’s sensitive information remains secure as it is shared over your Virtual Private Network.

How do Network-Attached Storage Devices Work?

A network-attached storage device works similarly to an external drive. Both are able to back-up and store your files such as photos, music, documents and videos. However, an external drive only provides one-to-one capabilities when you want to share something with other computers. However, having a NAS or network-attached storage device connected to your network, you are able to store all of your important things in a single centralized location that is accessible from any computer connected to that shared network. Network storage devices provide an easy way to store files and share them between several computers in the same network.

Benefits of a Network-Attached Storage Device

Network-attached storage devices are made for small businesses because it allows them to integrate social media and work as multimedia servers for things like iTunes and print servers. In addition to this multi-functioning option, they provide other numerous benefits including:

  • Functional as lightweight database servers for small networks
  • E-mail capabilities
  • Data Redundancy
  • Protection Options
  • Data Encryption
  • User Access Controls

Network-attached storage devices have two basic types of configurations with the ability to add additional hard drives if needed for more storage.

Cloud Storage

This is another type of storage system for data backup. Unlike network-attached storage devices, cloud storage doesn’t work as a multimedia server or allow integration into social media. Cloud storage does have its own Cloud solutions for you to look at such as block-level compression and de-duplication features to reduce storage needs and make it more efficient. In order to get more storage when using the Cloud, you simply have to upgrade your plan with your provider.

Storage Options in Albuquerque, NM

Ardham Technologies in Albuquerque, NM is experienced in helping businesses create the best system for backup, storage and recovery of your small business’ data. We know that choosing the right option, Cloud storage or network-attached storage devices, is a critical decision that will impact the daily operations of your business. Contact us today for more information on these storage options.

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