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Secure Access for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Business

Network and Physical Access Control Systems

The security of your physical and digital assets depends on secure access—making sure only the right people with the right permissions have access to your property and networked systems. Ardham Technologies provides secure access control systems to protect your physical site and computer network.

Secure Access Solutions

Ardham Technologies provides extraordinary solutions to address the challenges of restricting physical access and network access.

Secure Physical Access

Ardham Technologies recommends a multi-factor authentication system—a swipe card and key code. The swipe card creates a log of all entries into restricted areas, and the code ensures that only the intended card owner can actually gain access to restricted areas. Our professionals can design a secure access system that implements multi-factor authentication, integrates other security measures, like cameras, and can be centrally monitored.

Secure Network Access

Ardham Technologies can help you control network access from the inside. Whether we design and deploy your network infrastructure or simply consult with your IT staff to heighten network security, we will ensure that network permissions are adequately restricted to allow employees access only to the files and systems they need to do their jobs.

When you choose Ardham Technologies as your managed IT services provider, you get more than implementation of secure access control systems—you get 24/7/365 network monitoring and event response.

Secure Access Compliance

A number of businesses are mandated by federal legislation to have adequate access control systems to protect the privacy of medical and financial data. If your business operations fall under the jurisdiction of SOX, HIPPA or CIPA, Ardham Technologies can provide a compliance audit to identify what secure access control systems or improvements are necessary to ensure compliance.

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