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Backup Solutions

It is vital to any business to have important data such as documents, emails and photos safe from being lost due to a power outage or malicious computer intrusion. Ardham Technologies in Albuquerque, NM offers cloud backup solutions for storing your data in case of an emergency.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Many companies back up their data onto a personal company server to ensure that it is safe from being lost in case of a computer failure or power outage. However, even with storing your data on a personal server, your company is still susceptible to data loss. Ardham Technologies provides extraordinary backup solutions for your company’s work by storing it on the cloud, or Ethernet. With our cloud backup solutions your company will receive:

  • Automatic, continuous backups via the Internet
  • Multiple backups across multiple data centers
  • Easy access from the Internet to restore data from anywhere
  • VM level backup systems
  • Redundant electrical A/B power
  • Redundant ISP uplinks
  • Triple-authentication security

When you use Ardham Technologies for your backup solutions, you know your important information is safe and secure.

Streamlined Backup Solutions

Ardham Technologies in Albuquerque, NM can streamline your servers with cloud storage solutions to backup your data. Not on the cloud? No worries. We provide hosted cloud solutions to allow you to save money from having to buy more servers to store your data. The cloud provides great backup solutions in case a physical server, computer or laptop crash or malfunction. All of your databases are streamlined to make your company’s organization more efficient so you can focus on your revenue-earning opportunities. We also provide server virtualization and desktop virtualization so every user’s location and device is consistent with the rest of the company’s.  Contact us today to learn more about our extraordinary backup solutions for the cloud or for your physical server.

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